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On Draught

Exmoor Gold" 4.5% ABV £3.90pt

Bath Ales "Prophecy" 3.8% ABV £3.90pt

St Austell ales "Tribute" 4.2% ABV £3.90pt

St Austell ales "Proper job" 4.5% ABV £3.90pt

First Press cider  ABV 5.0% £4.00pt

Thatcher's "Gold" 4.8% ABV £3.90pt

Thatcher's "Haze" 4.5% ABV £3.90pt

Lillie's Flavoured Ciders 4.0% ABV £4.00pt

Rich's "Golden Harvest" 4.5% £3.80pt

Estrella Galicia lager 4.7% ABV £4.70pt

Guinness 4.1% ABV £4.60pt

Carlsberg 3.8% ABV £3.70pt

Fosters 4% ABV £3.80pt

John Smiths 3.6% ABV £3.80pt

House Wines (125ml-175ml-250ml)





San Andres Sauvignon Blanc 12.5%
A crisp white fruity chilean Sauvignon Blanc with zesty citrus aromas £16.50

Scenic Ridge Pinot Grigio 12.5%
A refreshing Pinot from the eastern coast of Australia with hints of pear and grapefruit £16.50

San Andres Chilean Chardonnay 13.5%

A crisp Chardonnay with tropical flavours of

pineapple and honey £17.00

Sapor Mio De Conti "Trebbiano" 11%

A crisp dry Italian with delicate aromas, very light and refreshing £19.75


San Andres Merlot 12.5%
A classic Merlot from central Chile with Ripe cherry, plum and mocha flavours £16.50

Para Dos  Malbec 12%

A soft and mellow Argentinian Malbec with a blackberry and marzipan finish £17.50

Campo Dorado Rioja 2016 Reserva 14%

A oak aged Rioja packed with a ripe blackcurrant flavour £22.50


Finca Mendoza La Florencia Malbec 2017 14%

An intensely smooth Malbec with touches of spice & pepper £22.50


Highbridge White Zinfandel 10.5%
A classic White Zinfandel from California with hints of strawberry and watermelon £16.50

Corte Fresca Piunot Blush 12%

A pale and light and dry Pinot blush from italy with hints of pear £17.50

Prosecco (Rose available)

Vino Spumante extra dry Prosecco
From north east Italy a delicate dry sparkling wine with a delicate  hint of lemon £18.50

Champagne on Request

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